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Lauryn, moving through a field of tall grass.

Hi, I'm Lauryn.

Born, raised, and currently thriving in the swamps of Louisiana. 


Slow, intentional living is my jam; and I'm wildly passionate about yoga and meditation, living foods, bodywork, and the world of subtle energy. 


You won’t catch me confusing “prana” with a handbag. 


For the past 5 years, I've been helping wellness service providers (like you) grow their practice with thoughtfully written copy. 


I hear you - It's heavy feeling like feeling like you have to do it all.

You want to show up online in a way that helps grow your business AND have time to be a human. You also want to build a community around your offerings.

But switching gears from your work into the marketing side of things is tricky. Your work is oftentimes physical AND energetic - and you need time to recharge. 


And if you’re going to tag someone in to help, you want someone who gets you, your work, and someone who can lighten your thinking load. 

Lauryn, smiling, posing on a tree branch.

You can expect...

Brilliant copy - delivered on time.

Some call me painfully punctual, I think it’s a superpower. You’ll have your copy, either for your emails or website, delivered on time in a matter of weeks. And we’ll have plenty of room for revisions to get it juuust right. 

To rest while I write.

Once we get groovin’ - you’ll know exactly what to expect from me and when, so you can relax and be supported through the process.

To have a little FUN.

Working with me isn’t rigid or boring. I like to infuse lots of playfulness, levity, and a GIF or two into my flow. 😏

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We’re a great fit if…

- You feel like you should be connecting with your current and potential clients online, but you aren’t sure where to start, or what the heck to say.

- You’re looking for an energetic collaborator that gets you and the work you’re doing. 

- You want to grow your practice without adding extra work to your plate.

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Become a magnet for the people who need your magic.

(Let me show you how)

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