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the business
of your dreams has
never felt so good…

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are a small business owner, wellness professional, or creative... 

You love what you do, and you’re badass at it. But when it comes to communicating with your community online and taking care of the "behind the scenes" tasks– you're ready to tag in a pro.

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I’m a natural born word magician that lives for systems that help you simplify and amplify your client's experience. My jam is supporting people like you in nurturing your business, connecting with your audience through thoughtfully written copy, and helping you free up more time so you can focus on running the show…

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Wish someone could help out with some of the day to day to do's?

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Want to send newsletters, write blogs, and speak to your audience in a way that lands and makes working with you a no-brainer?

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Feel like having someone in your court could help your business grow?

If the answer is yes– welcome home.

So glad we found each other. 

Heyyy, I'm Lauryn!

 I live for words and processes that help your business thrive. 

I know finding your magical fairy of an online professional can be a headache. You want, no you need, someone who understands you and your business goals, and can translate your vision into copy and systems that are as swoon worthy as the services or products you offer.  

And someone who makes the whole process a treat- from head to toe. 

I've been working for small businesses and solo service providers like you for almost five years (!) and I've found my highest excitement in helping you show up as your fullest self in your business with beautifully written copy and flawless systems. 

And with an energy that makes working with you a no-brainer.


Let's link arms and expand your business beyond your wildest dreams! 

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Seven Seventeen Copywriting

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Working with me is like...

Working with a friend. Someone who genuinely wants to see you thrive! (I like to have a blast while I work) 

Working with a problem solver… No hand holding here! 

Working with someone who is on it, on time, and on point with whatever we're tackling. To say I'm painfully punctual is an understatement. 


Blogs, email newsletters, website copy, social copy, and more..

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Website Copy

packages starting at


By the 


Blogs +


packages starting at


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Online Business

Your right hand gal, wherever you need me...

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per month

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per month

per month

The Process

  • We’ll hop on a discovery call to feel into where you could use the most support

  • We’ll decide on the package best suited for you

  • We’ll create a custom plan and find our groove

  • Then.. we’ll dive right in! 

And I’ll be there to guide you every step of the way. 

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Need some quick clarity

in your business?

I offer 30 minute pick my brain sessions where we can chat about absoluting anything you're moving through or have going on, and I'll be here with my full presence, guidance, and any resources I may have to help you move through it. 

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A few of my breathtaking clients

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"Lauryn Middleton has been a lifesaver for me and has helped me gain back so many hours of my life. 


Lauryn is EXTREMELY detailed, an amazing accountability partner, and she makes sure my SQUIRREL brain stays on the right track.

She makes sure I stay aligned with my goals, makes sure to keep an eye on all of the metrics and analytics to see what is performing the best, what needs to be tweaked, and has some amazing creative ideas that help me think outside the box.


When I’ve lost sight of things or become frustrated, she was right there to pep talk me and ask the right questions. I needed to have more clarity on my goals.


I’ve often lost inspiration for content creation (ironic bc I never seem to run out of things to talk about) and she has written detailed pieces of content for the group based off of my inspiration: she took my vision and translated it into beautifully written social media and blog posts.


Don’t miss out on the opportunity to work with this attentive soul."

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Badassbodyworkers & Nomadic Bodyworks

Love Notes



Heal Thy Sol

"We are so grateful to have connected with Lauryn, she is amazingly gifted and skilled in her craft! With pivoting our practice amidst the ongoing pandemic, we knew we needed help in not only social media content but also with how to voice what we were offering. Lauryn's background in the healing arts made her a perfect fit for our business.


After meeting with us, she took our jumble of notes and made the most beautiful content for both our website and social media. She magically found our voice and put it into words that moved us to tears. Lauryn really listened with her whole heart and spirit and made us feel like she was a part of our team!


Thank you Lauryn for sharing your gifts with us and the world!"

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"She took the leap and built her wings on the way down"

Kobi Yamada

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She's made my life a lot easier in a lot of ways.

"I am really enjoying working with Lauryn, and honestly she's probably one of the best - if not THE best - Virtual Assistant I have ever had. She's super thorough, really "on it" and I so appreciate all of her help. She's made my life a lot easier in a lot of ways."



Perfectly Kneaded Bodywork Studio

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